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The American Spinal Decompression Association is an affiliated group of physicians unified in their goal to bring Non-Surgical Spinal Decompression to their communities.
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Dr. Dwight Stewart                           501-223-3314
Clinic Director
Little Rock Spinal Decompression | Pain Care Associates
"Our mission is to provide people suffering with chronic and severe lower back and neck pain, the most thorough, non-surgical spinal decompression protocols so they can enjoy their lives again.
"Our goal is to provide our services with only the highest levels of integrity, compassion and safety, and help our patients achieve a higher level of living.  We aim to correct the cause of each patient’s problem without the use of drugs, injections or surgery."
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  Convenient Location
Little Rock
8801 W Markham St
Little Rock AR 72205
Telephone: 501-223-3314
Fax: 501-223-8023
  Dr. Dwight Stewart
Chiropractic Physician


  • Executive Director of Pain Care Associates |  Multi-Specialty Group Practice
  • Member of the American Spinal Decompression Association
Our Greatest Assets:
  • We employ welcoming, caring, enthusiastic staff who take pleasure in helping each and every patient.
  • We operate the latest, highest quality medical decompression equipment available today.
  • We spend adequate time for thorough examination and patient assessment, to determine the need for care and plan of action. We only place those patients we truly believe will benefit from decompression into our program.
  • We provide comprehensive core strengthening to ensure patients leave our care without the need to return.  Upon discharge, each patient knows how to properly care for and maintain their spine.
  • We coordinate our efforts with other health care specialties and find the best path for each patient's recovery.

  “Thank you and your staff for helping me with my back pain. As you know, when I came to you a few months ago, I felt my next course of action was surgery or injections. The DRS table and treatment protocol that has been provided to me has been something I did not think was possible for my pain. The results have stopped the nagging pain in my lower back as well as the shooting pain down my left leg. I’m back on the golf course, which I thought I might have to give up. So again my thanks go to you and your staff for getting me back on my feet and out of the easy chair.”

Michael H.

For over six months I had been having right hip pain that spread to my lower back. It caused me to curtail my normal activities a lot.

Nothing seemed to help, not lots of Aleve, physical therapy recommended by a primary care physician where I work, nor standard chiropractic treatment.

I finally turned to Dr Stewart, was diagnosed with a herniated disc and found considerable relief after only two or three sessions of spinal decompression.

I now feel no pain in my hip or spine and have resumed pretty much normal activities. I am very impressed with the care Dr Stewart and his personable staff provide.

Phillip P.

It is with appreciation that I write this commentary regarding the DRS protocol and chiropractic care that you have provided me.

It’s been almost a year since I experienced the onset of symptoms related to my lower cervical disc herniating. I now realize that this condition has been worsening over the course of two decades, and is the likely outcome of several automobile accidents and a genetic predisposition to disc degeneration. Eleven months ago, the pain in my back, shoulders, arms, neck and rib cage was relentless. It was impossible to fin comfort when sitting, standing or even lying down. As an individual who has lived an athletic adulthood, it was daunting that I might have been facing severe, chronic pain for the rest of my life. Of the treatment options I considered, I knew I wanted to avoid steroids, and surgery would be my final option. The testimonials I read and heard about those approaches were dismal. Your informative and compassionate interactions with me provided hope that there may be an alternative to address the condition.

The DRS protocol has greatly improved things. Gradually, these recent months have brought continued levels of relief; comfort especially during sleep and standing. Being able to return to conventional exercise and strength training over these past couple of months has helped me to feel alive again. I am hopeful for continued improvement and I am thankful for this naturally non-invasive method of treatment as well as your talent. Thank you for sharing this gift.

Stephen S.

Thank you for the relief you brought back into my life. Before coming to Pain Care, I tried a couple things including physical therapy which didn’t work. As I didn’t want to have surgery, I thought I would try this. It has been a wonderful experience. The treatments are painless; in fact they are very relaxing. Each one of the staff have been very helpful and a delight to work with. Dr Stewart is a very caring person and makes you feel comfortable. I would recommend the Pain Care treatment to anyone.

Mildred M.

  Pain Care Associates   
Dr. Dwight Stewart
Clinic Director
Message from Dr. Stewart Living life and loving it. It's unfortunate, but millions of Americans will suffer from back pain at some time in their lives. And, if that's happening to you, your lifestyle is not what it should or could be. Perhaps your back condition is preventing you from doing simple things like putting on your shoes, holding your child or being a part of enjoyable family activities. Maybe it gets in the way of your work, your golf game, and your fitness activities. Maybe it even stops you from climbing a mountain-if that's your inclination. Your concern is my concern. My goal is to make you better without surgery, without injections and without drugs. Spinal Decompression Therapy is a revolutionary treatment that is safe and effective. FDA cleared equipment is used in treating conditions and injuries such as: herniated and bulging discs, facet syndromes, degenerative joint disease and sciatica. Not everyone is a candidate for Lumbar or Cervical Decompression Therapy, but those who do qualify will have a good chance to return to work sooner and have a chance to significantly improve their lifestyle. I encourage you to learn more about this breakthrough therapy. If you want to explore whether this treatment can work for you, please call me for a consultation.
Dr. Dwight Stewart
  Convenient Location
Little Rock
8801 W Markham St
Little Rock AR 72205
Telephone: 501-223-3314
Fax: 501-223-8023

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